College entrances exams reviewers with answer pdf download You'll have a whole lot of tough questions to answer if you're going to be able to write down your application essay for college. What will it be about? What makes you stand out from the rest? You can use these tips on how to write an essay that will catch the attention of admissions officers and open up all the doors for financial aid. 1) Your Background: It's important to show admissions officers why you deserve a scholarship. Why your parents want you to go to their school. What is your motivation behind attending college? 2) Your Interests: There are so many ways to say what interests you, but for this essay it's important you follow step one and show your interests in a direct and tasteful way. A great way to do that is with a list of things that interest you, like: A class that interests me today A field of study that I'm interested in now Someone who influenced my life and how they lived it 3) Your Career Goals: Pick one goal as an example as to how college will help you with achieving this goal. Be specific and show admissions officers that you're not just looking to go to college for the sake of going to college. If you pick one goal it will be easier to show admissions officers that your motivation behind attending school, is actually something very important to you, and that you're willing to spend the next four years learning how to achieve this goal. Some examples of what I would like my goal be: I want my career path in either hockey or psychology, whichever I choose I'll need 4 years for university. I'll need 4 years of university to help me achieve this career path. 4) Use Admissions Officers Personal Interests Against Them: Ok, so this one takes some work on your part, but it will pay off. You need to find out what the admissions officer is into. What are their hobbies? What are they reading at the moment? What do they do for fun? 5) Edit Edit Edit: Make sure you read your essay over and over again to make sure it's perfect before you send it in. There's nothing worse than submitting something that needs to be revised before send-off. Don't forget about writing a great resume! Check out our free resume examples too. Article Source: http://www.articlebliss.


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